Authorized Ticket Dealers: Finding Legitimate Theme Park Tickets

Orlando has some the most famous theme parks in the world and tourists travel to this area just to be able to visit them on a yearly basis. Thrill-seeking rollercoasters and attractions, give families and travelers things to do while on vacation.

A common question for traveling guests is “Where can I find discounted theme park tickets?” The theme parks in Orlando generate billions of dollars of revenue each year, and there’s no sign of them slowing down. Tourists are always looking for a great deal on tickets, but it is important to know where those tickets are coming from- and in fact, if they are legitimate.

Everywhere you go in Orlando, you will see signs for people offering to sell theme park tickets or multi-day passes to Disney, Sea World, Universal Studios, etc. Be aware of where you’re buying your tickets and who they are coming from.

Knowing that the people selling you tickets are authorized ticket dealers is essential. The companies or vendors typically pay fees so that they can be authorized to sell theme park tickets. They check the rates daily and are aware of price changes when they are made immediately.

Florida Spirit has been connecting guests with the right people when looking for theme park tickets. The vendor we use for theme park tickets is a trustworthy company called  Kissimmee Guest Services. Although they do not offer a huge discount, they do offer minor perks. They are able to bring the tickets to your home directly, and the tickets you purchase allow you to skip the long lines and go right to the entrance gates.

Florida Spirit also partners with Disney Travel, and has information about the parks such as pamphlets and brochures in the office. As a Florida Spirit guest, all of the Disney and Orlando attractions informational brochures are complimentary to you. Some of the brochures also include coupons and extra special discounts, so make sure to stop by our office to pick up some.

We love providing guests with beautiful vacation homes, but we still love to make your experience in Orlando as enjoyable as possible.

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