Hotel Room vs. 3 Bedroom Vacation Home: You Do the MATH

Nearly all Orlando travelers use some sort of budget to control expenses when they are planning a mini weekend getaway, or long vacation stay that lasts more than five days. Essentially, they separate travel expenses into categories; detailing how much they feel comfortable spending on things like lodging, food, theme park tickets, entertainment, etc.

What has become increasingly more popular in travel, are the use of vacation homes. The thought of booking an entire vacation property is sometimes hard to fathom when you factor in cost. Here is a break down of some homes that are about the same cost, per night, as a hotel room. You do the math, and you will see what gives you a far better value when deciding between a standard hotel room or a 3 bedroom vacation home!

Hotel Room  3 night stay

Nightly Rate: $150 x 3 = $450

Fees: $50

Taxes:  $60


= $560 TOTAL for 3 nights in one hotel room

YOU ARE PAYING $186.66 per night (taxes and fees included)

Get: A hotel room

          One king sized bed

          One bathroom

          325 sq. ft.

3 night stay in a 3-bed Florida Spirit Home

Nightly rate: $110 x 3 = $330

Damage Waiver: $55

Booking Fee: $35

Clean: $100

Taxes: $62.40


 =$582.40 TOTAL for 3 nights in a 3 bedroom vacation home

YOU ARE PAYING $194.13 per night

 (taxes and fees included)

Get: 3 bedrooms (one king bed, one queen bed, two twin beds)

         2 bathrooms

         Private pool

         Private kitchen, separate living room area and dining

         Patio deck area for outside dining

As you can see booking a 3 bedroom home is a far better value than booking just one, single hotel room. Your own private vacation home offers you more rooms, more bathrooms, more square footage and your own private pool just to name a few. If you are traveling with family or friends and will be gone for more than two nights, book a vacation home and save drastically on your lodging costs. Search our Disney area vacation rentals and see which house you want to book for you and your family!

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