Orlando Vacation Home Found, Now What?

Trusted vacation home search sites like HomeAway and VRBO are a great place to start when searching for your ideal vacation home. You can search by location, house size, community neighborhood, household amenities, etc.

Some people new to these sites however, have a hard time booking with confidence knowing that the money that they put down is going to the right place. Paying thousands of dollars for the perfect vacation home is a serious matter, so guests are extra weary of the marketplace

Thanks to HomeAway and VRBO’s insurance policies, they back up to $10,000 worth of fraud. They also protect you from double booking situations and promise to refund the money back onto your card.

Once you have found your perfect vacation home, being proactive is key. Email or call the contact that is listed for that home. Show them you are very interested in the home by writing a legible email or leaving a detailed phone message.

Hopefully the homeowner or management company will contact you within 24 hours to help facilitate your reservation request. They should contact you letting you know the status of the situation, and if indeed you are able to truly book the home.

Florida Spirit manages over 100 vacation homes in the Disney area and provides immediate responses and quotes for all inquiries on our homes. We have reservationists answering the phones 24 hours a day 7 days a week. No call ever goes unanswered.

Correspondence style and expedited service are two things that are overlooked when on the vacation home hunt. Excellent customer service is always an important trait people look for within any marketplace.

At Florida Spirit, we stay connected to our travel guests and homeowners at all times. We are always accessible via email and are never too busy to assist our guests.

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