Vacation Homes: Better Value than Disney Area Hotels

You don’t have to be familiar with the area around Walt Disney World to get a better deal on Orlando vacation home rentals than you’re likely to find at local hotels. Take a look at your options and compare them to hotel packages.

Save money: If you like the convenience of one stop booking at Disney-run hotels, remember that it’s just as easy to shop online for one of our luxurious and affordable rental homes. Plus, you get more for your money including bigger rooms and better amenities like private pools you won’t find at any hotel.

Make your commute easier: Disney buses and other hotel shuttles restrict you to just going back and forth from your hotel to Disney World. Rental cars give you more freedom, and our homes are within minutes of the park and other attractions, as well as popular shopping and dining places. If you don’t want to drive, there are also taxis and other public transportation.

See more of Orlando: Spend a day or more away from Disney World to see other attractions. In addition to Universal Orlando and LEGOLAND Florida, there’s plenty of fun that doesn’t even involve a theme park. Play golf or take a balloon ride.

Eat better: You don’t have to settle for a steady diet of theme park food or chain restaurants. Whip up your own meals in your own kitchen or take advantage of local eateries that deliver.

Relax more: It’s tempting to pack more activities than you can manage into each day. That’s especially true when your kids are clamoring to see everything. The crowds will be a lot easier to bear when you can take a break whenever you want to lounge around your private pool or spend family time in your home away from home.

We offer great value for vacation home rentals with private pools in the Walt Disney World area. Contact us today to start planning a truly magical trip.

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