Orlando Water Parks

Inspired by a whimsical take on the South Seas, Aquatica at SeaWorld Orlando immerses guests in the playfulness of the sea, them in, over and under the water with the world’s most unique water rides and animal encounters.

Located in Orlando, just minutes from the Kissimmee destination, Aquatica mixes animal experiences, waters from serene to extreme, high speed waterslide thrills and wide, sandy beaches to create a day of non-stop fun.

For dolphin lovers, Dolphin Plunge is a must do, taking you down 250 feet of clear tubes underwater and through Aquatica’s beautiful Commerson’s dolphin habitat.  Guests who prefer to see these stunning black-and-white marine mammals without taking the plunge may sneak a peek at Dolphin Lookout.

Omaka Rocka is a waterslide that takes riders speeding down flumes into massive funnels, sliding high up one side and then the other, rocking back and forth, feeling a sensation of near weightlessness.  Coming out of the funnel, they skim into a drenching splashdown and then find themselves wanting to do it all over again.

Visitors can catch a wave in the world’s only side-by-side wave pools capable of operating together or independently. Filled with a combined 860,000 gallons of water, these enormous wave pools deliver very different experiences. Cutback Cove produces crashing waves while Big Surf Shores creates gently-rolling surf – either way they’re a lot of fun!

There are two distinct areas for the little ones: Walkabout Waters, an interactive water playground for the school-agers; and Kata’s Kookaburra Cove, an irresistible water wonderland for children with fountains, rides and slides. Tiny tots – even those too young to walk – can enjoy sliding with mom and dad in specially designed rafts. 

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