Is Your Vacation Home Legit?

Congratulations! You just booked your first Orlando Vacation Home. The kids are excited and you are ready for a nice getaway. But before you get too excited –make sure your vacation home is legitamate! Do a little research and see if the vacation home you spent money on is indeed a real vacation home!


Website like Homeaway and VRBO are great places to start searching for a vacation home. From there you will be able to find vacation homes and get in contact with the homeowners or managment companies. Even paying through Homeaway and VRBO is secure!


As soon as you book the home, immediately ask for the address and where the home is located. Do your owne Google Maps search to see where the house is located. Google Image the property to see an aerial or street view of the property. Verify that the property is still there.


Now that you have your address. Check tax records where the house is located. Verify if the home is owned by an acutal homeowner or managed by a property management company! Tax records don’t lie!


Continue communication with the homeowner or property managment company. This is to make sure they are still taking care of the vacation home and everything is correct. If prior to your stay you can not get in contact with the homeowner or property managment company, take action. Do not wait until the day of arrival to find yourself in a lockout situation without any homeowner or property management company to assist you. Or even worse, do not wait until your arrival date to find the vacation home is non existant.


Pay it forward. If the stay was wonderful and you enjoyed the home, write a good review. Sharing reviews help other consumers make a decision when purchasing a product. Your input can help another family book the vacation home, and you can help them have a great experience as well!!

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