10 Theme Park Tips for the Florida Spirit Vacationer

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22 Jan 2015
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The Florida Spirit Experience

If you’re a Florida Spirit guest, most likely you and your family may visit the theme parks at some point in time during your vacation stay. Knowing helpful tips about how to handle all of the theme parks though, may help your theme park experience more enjoyable. Here are some clever tips that will help your family make the most of your visit at the parks.

  • Quench your thirst – Staying hydrated while visiting the theme parks is very important. Keep your energy alive, bring a water bottle and spray bottle fan in order to stay cool and hydrated. Utilize the water fountains that can be found throughout the theme park. Take regular breaks in air-conditioned areas or in the shade. If you feel that you or someone in your group is beginning to show signs of heat-related fatigue, stop activity and find a cool place to rest and relax.


  • Be prepared – Be kind to your feet and wear comfy shoes that you are able to walk in all day. Pack a light backpack full of things you will need; SPF, camera, phone, sunglasses, yummy snacks, change of clothes (in case you get wet). Soft sided coolers are allowed in most parks. Make sure to charge all electronics before your visit, or look out for power docking stations throughout the park.


  • Remember where you park – Searching for your lost vehicle is not the way you want to end a day of fun at the parks. Take note of where you parked your car, or better yet, take a picture! Most theme park parking lots separate spaces with signs for you to remember where you parked.


  • Plan your day – Knowing what shows you want to see and the rides you want to go on, before you get to the park, helps eliminate the time you waste trying to decide on what you want to do. Show times and character schedules are available at the front of every park.


  • Download the theme park’s app – Theme park apps provide a wealth of information about shows, rides, wait times, transportation and dining. Download and familiarize yourself with the app. It will be a helpful tool for you throughout the day.


  • Set a budget – Setting a daily budget for your trip is a great way to avoid overspending. Parks accept credit, debit and cash. Pre-paid cards are a great idea since they can be canceled and re-loaded at any time. If you choose to bring cash, only bring what you need for the day. Regardless of how you choose to pay for your in-park treats, remember to keep your purse or wallet close to you at all times.


  • Stress the importance of staying together – Theme parks are crowded, so keep an eye on the little ones that may get distracted by many of the park’s attractionsMake sure your family knows what to do, just in the case you get separated. Having a “Meet Up” spot is a smart idea. Wearing identical shirts in one bright, bold color also helps identify members of your family in a crowd of people.


  • Picture perfect – During your wish trip, you receive special photo opportunities at each park which are reviewed in your GKTW Family Orientation. If you have any questions about these opportunities, consult your Village Guide or ask the front desk.


  • Have fun – Enjoy your time at the theme parks! Go on thrilling rides, watch enchanting shows, take plenty of pictures and have fun. These are incredible memories that your family will share for a lifetime.

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