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Stay in a Solana Resort Vacation Home!!

Solana Resort is a quiet community that offers its residents and guests resort-like amenities in their picturesque community. The well manicured lawns are always lush and green, and the neighborhood is peacefully quiet, but still close enough to shopping centers and ten minutes toward Walt Disney World. 

Here are some of our favorite, family-friendly  Florida Spirit vacation homes in Solana!!

1) CYPRESS SPRINGS (Lovely 5 bedroom/ 4 bath pool home)

*You will love Cypress Springs because of its relaxing spa and bonus gameroom!

2) YOUR DREAM VILLA IN ORLANDO (5 bedroom/ 4 bathroom pool home)

*Your Dream Villa in Orlando is a great lodgning space for more more than one family

3) GLINTON (4 bedroom/ 3 bathroom pool home)

*Lay poolside and have a family BBQ with the family

Spring Break Essentials: Vacation Homes and Theme Parks

Spring Break is indeed here and we all know renting a vacation home is far more economical than staying in a cramped hotel, or paying three times as much staying on Disney property. Our Florida Spirit Vacation Homes are such a great value in the sense that you get more room, more space and quite frankly less headache! 

With an Orlando vacation where you are going to be doing the theme parks with family– planning is essential! Always start planning before you get there. Put together an itinerary of things you and the kids will want to do when visting Orlando. Theme park one day, shopping another day, relaxing at the house and grilling on another day. So many things to do but you want to get a great mix of it all. Do not feel like you have to stick to just theme parks! 

The theme parks will be crowded during Spring Break so make sure to plan accordingly knowing that there will be long wait time. Bring you phone charger with you in case your battery runs low from snapping a lot of pictures with Mickey.

Florida is known for some great beaches. Take a day to drive to the coast and enjoy the Spring Break sun! Work on that tan at the beach or poolside at your very owne private vacation home pool. Don’t forget to bring your sunblock, sunglasses and beach towel. 

If you want more of a local experience during Spring Break visit Downtown Orlando where the locals hang out at the bars and have realxing dinners. There are also many delicious restaurants there with many differnt happy hours!

Spring Break essentially is the time for you to go ahead and take that much needed break from work or from school. Don’t think too much about it. Have funa and relax! 

Hotel Room vs. 3 Bedroom Vacation Home: You Do the MATH

Nearly all Orlando travelers use some sort of budget to control expenses when they are planning a mini weekend getaway, or long vacation stay that lasts more than five days. Essentially, they separate travel expenses into categories; detailing how much they feel comfortable spending on things like lodging, food, theme park tickets, entertainment, etc.

What has become increasingly more popular in travel, are the use of vacation homes. The thought of booking an entire vacation property is sometimes hard to fathom when you factor in cost. Here is a break down of some homes that are about the same cost, per night, as a hotel room. You do the math, and you will see what gives you a far better value when deciding between a standard hotel room or a 3 bedroom vacation home!

Hotel Room  3 night stay

Nightly Rate: $150 x 3 = $450

Fees: $50

Taxes:  $60


= $560 TOTAL for 3 nights in one hotel room

YOU ARE PAYING $186.66 per night (taxes and fees included)

Get: A hotel room

          One king sized bed

          One bathroom

          325 sq. ft.

3 night stay in a 3-bed Florida Spirit Home

Nightly rate: $110 x 3 = $330

Damage Waiver: $55

Booking Fee: $35

Clean: $100

Taxes: $62.40


 =$582.40 TOTAL for 3 nights in a 3 bedroom vacation home

YOU ARE PAYING $194.13 per night

 (taxes and fees included)

Get: 3 bedrooms (one king bed, one queen bed, two twin beds)

         2 bathrooms

         Private pool

         Private kitchen, separate living room area and dining

         Patio deck area for outside dining

As you can see booking a 3 bedroom home is a far better value than booking just one, single hotel room. Your own private vacation home offers you more rooms, more bathrooms, more square footage and your own private pool just to name a few. If you are traveling with family or friends and will be gone for more than two nights, book a vacation home and save drastically on your lodging costs. Search our Disney area vacation rentals and see which house you want to book for you and your family!

Escape to Your Oasis Club

As the month of May settles in, we at Florida Spirit are running great promotions on our homes that are located in The Retreat at ChampionsGate. These gorgeous homes are discounted right now through May, and offer our customers a great value for what they are getting. Our luxury properties not only are furnished from one of the best furnishing companies in Central Florida, Furniture Packages USA, but the homes are set up for families or large groups!

The unique thing about booking a home in The Retreat at ChampionsGate is that you and your family have access to the Oasis Clubhouse! This wonderful amenity is yours for you and your family to enjoy during your entire stay. Take a break from all the walking at the theme parks and escape to the Oasis. Let the kids enjoy the large pools while you occupy yourself with a poolside dinner at the ourdoor bar.

When you walk into the entrance you will be greeted by the concierge desk, with friendly staff ready to help you with every thing you may need. In this building they house the Oasis Restaurant that offers different drink and meal specials daily. There is also a gym area for fitness and a larger movie theater for the kids to enjoy a cinema at their leisure. The business center is a quintessential place to do work if you need to print out flight tickets/travel itineraries or simply use a desktop computer. Right down the hall is the convenience store that sells sunscreen, snacks and pool toys for children; there you will also find an accessible ATM. See you don’t have to travel too far at all!

As you walk out through the backdoors it will lead you to the outdoor pool area. Get excited about the view you are about to experience because it sure is a treat. You will see outdoor dining areas for you and your family to utilize different dining locations on the property. The pool area has a larger pool, large flowing lazy river, splash pad and swim up bar! The outdoor bar is a favorite for guests, and with easy access to the pool you can get as many drinks as you would like. On the exterior perimeter of the pools your will see large cabanas that are available for rent. Each cabana has its own sink and bathroom area for you and your family to utilize. There is also a large hut area that can be rented out for kids parties on the sunniest of days!

The Oasis Clubhouse is our pick for favorite community amenity for May! Take advanatge of our specials specifially for the 6,7, an 8 bedroom ChampionsGate homes! Book directly online or call us at the office– we are more than happy to help pick the perfect home for you!

Orlando Vacation Home Found, Now What?

Trusted vacation home search sites like HomeAway and VRBO are a great place to start when searching for your ideal vacation home. You can search by location, house size, community neighborhood, household amenities, etc.

Some people new to these sites however, have a hard time booking with confidence knowing that the money that they put down is going to the right place. Paying thousands of dollars for the perfect vacation home is a serious matter, so guests are extra weary of the marketplace

Thanks to HomeAway and VRBO’s insurance policies, they back up to $10,000 worth of fraud. They also protect you from double booking situations and promise to refund the money back onto your card.

Once you have found your perfect vacation home, being proactive is key. Email or call the contact that is listed for that home. Show them you are very interested in the home by writing a legible email or leaving a detailed phone message.

Hopefully the homeowner or management company will contact you within 24 hours to help facilitate your reservation request. They should contact you letting you know the status of the situation, and if indeed you are able to truly book the home.

Florida Spirit manages over 100 vacation homes in the Disney area and provides immediate responses and quotes for all inquiries on our homes. We have reservationists answering the phones 24 hours a day 7 days a week. No call ever goes unanswered.

Correspondence style and expedited service are two things that are overlooked when on the vacation home hunt. Excellent customer service is always an important trait people look for within any marketplace.

At Florida Spirit, we stay connected to our travel guests and homeowners at all times. We are always accessible via email and are never too busy to assist our guests.

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