The Florida Spirit Experience

Featuring Brand New Vacation Rentals for the New Year!

Farewell 2020 & Hello 2021! We are ringing in the new year with brand new vacation rentals you can start renting today! Check them out below.

Cypress Villa

Sunset Harbour

Top Rated Vacation Rentals of 2020!

Lima Villa

Blue Moon Valley Villa

Coral Sunrise

Rainbow Garden

Nice Getaway

“The Classics”

These homes are perfect for month long stays. Famillies always have a favorite home they return to year after year.

American Manor




Terra Verde Villa

Disney Discounts for Florida Residents


Calling All Florida Residents!

For a limited time only, Walt Disney World is offering discounted prices for all Florida residents! You can enjoy three to four day trips to the parks through December 18, 2020. Take this great opportunity and rent a vacation home during your stay. How can staying in a vacation rental improve your Disney vacation? 

Cut Down on Travel Time

Many of our vacation rentals are close to the parks bringing you closer to the fun. Whether you are an early bird or a night owl, you can get to your destination in no time. 

Safe Environment

Our vacation rentals have been cleaned & sanitized before and after every departure and arrival. Your family will have a clean & relaxing sanctuary to come home to every day. 

Private Amenities

One of the best perks of renting a vacation home is the private amenities. Pools, spas, & game rooms are all amenities your family can enjoy in the privacy of your own home. 

Don’t miss out on the perfect time to enjoy a magical vacation with your family. We’ll see ya real soon!

Vacation like a Local!


When you book a Florida Spirit Vacation Home we make sure you always have all the information you need, right at hand! We do so with our Hospitality App. Included in this application is access to every detail regarding your stay, information about the local area, nearby things to do, weather reports, and updates from our team. Since technology is evolving, we make sure we are too. We are always updating our services and means of contact so we keep our process fresh, easy, and convenient. If you need something that is not featured in our app you can find nearby attractions and immediate solutions through Google Maps and Apple Maps. For any concerns you ever have, we are here for you. Our contact information is included in our app, website, and in this blog post! 


Florida Spirit Vacation Homes


1503 Legends Blvd, 

ChampionsGate, FL, 33896



Groceries Delivered Right to your Door!

“Great Prices, Dependable Service, Convenient, and Simple” makes receiving groceries during your vacation, hassle-free! You can choose from a variety of organic, nutritious, quality products right from the comfort of your vacation home. A list of products they feature is as follows:

Baby Supplies, Beverages, Breads & Baked Goods, Breakfast Items, Condiments, Cooking Supplies, Dairy, Deli, Frozen Foods, and so much more!

To place your order you can visit their website and follow their three simple steps:

Step 1: Register online at

Step 2: Shop! Browse the various categories and their descriptions. Select a category by clicking the heading, then the individual item within that category.

Step 3: Checkout! Once you completed your shopping, click “Checkout”. You will see the complete purchase order displayed with any applicable state sales tax, delivery charge, and total. 

Please advise there is a 48-hour notice when placing an order. 


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